Mojave 3 Setlist 2001-02-24
Setlist 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, Feb 24th 2001 (Submitted by Eric Cason!)

My life in art
Caught Beneath Your Heel
Give what you take
When You're Drifting
This Road I'm Traveling
In Love With a View
Yer Feet
Some Kinda Angel
Keep It All Hid

Baby's Coming home
Trying to reach you
Who do you love
Where is the love

Review by Eric
Basically what they've played at all the shows. But where is the love was a nice way to close the show (and got a huge reaction). Rachel was really goofy, making jokes with the audience (especially since Neil was having guitar problems during the first half of the show), and getting wide-eyed and shaking her head no whenever someone yelled out a song that she sings alone. They played for about an hour and 15 minutes. It was quite an enjoyable show.