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November 8th, 2001

  • So, after thoughtfully considering alternatives; iīve decided to close down my site. It surely feels a little sad, but thatīs a fact. I will let my site be up, but wonīt be doing any updates...see it as a historical archive..or something...I would like to thank all of you whoīve contributed to the site over the years and I recommend you to visit alternative sites, among those the cool new offical site which tells us that Neilīs solo album is going to be released on January 28th, 2002...Take care all of you and especially Neil, Rachel, Al, Simon and Ian! ..Over and out.... // Henrik

    Earlier, 2001
  • OK. I admit. Iīve been a lazy S.O.B. The site is not updated for a long time and I honestly havenīt got a good excuse for not updating it. I know thereīs a lot of you who sent me info and I apologize for not having answered your mail and stuff. (Especially John K.,Pierre E., Ed K., Doug R-H., Shane & May B. among others.
  • A new site, which Ed K. will run, is under construction on the following adress: . Seems very nice and promising. Good luck Ed!
  • The work on the solo stuff goes on. A rumour from some 4AD bloke said that will sound a bit like Slowdive.
  • Neil has also been featured on the Locust (Mark van Hoen) track "On the horizon". Brilliant song! (though it was released in 1997) Itīs also mentioned on the official Locust site that Mark is programming on two tracks for Neilīs solo album.
  • Chris Lark infgormed me about the Big Takeover site which has a lot of reports about Mojave 3 and other bands. Check it out Here
  • Letdownīs tab archive has been moved to the following adress : Also available via link page
  • Finally, while looking into the artist section on 4ADīs site, thereīs a nice feature called Mojave 3 digital music network, where news is automatically sent via a satelite program. Click Here to go directly to the download site (PC users only) <

  • April 9th, 2001
  • Rachel sent me some info about a gig theyīre doing, opening for the Red House Painters at Shepherd's Bush Empire, London on May 9th!
  • Also, Al has contacted me, and is about to send me some photos from the US tour. Al is an excellent photographer for those who didnīt know it. He is also going to do some sessions next week with Rachel when sheīll do some demos! He also reported about a small gig Neil did in London last week and how good the solo stuff he did sounded.

    April 7th, 2001
  • Itīs been a while. Iīve put up some reviews and setlists from Neilīs soloshows on the livedate page and setlists and reviews from the two Chicago dates. John, who was responible for the chicago reporting sent some In-store reports also, with some lyrics of new songs and stuff. Check out the reviews for this info. (Thanks Torr, Rajesh & John!)
  • Rachel also sent me some info about her standpoint on the bootleg issue. I think Iīll quote her:

    "As for bootlegs, well I saw so many video camera's and people holding mini discs on the North Amercian tour. It's inevitable! the only thing that does piss me off is when people are selling bootlegs to make money! I have nothing against swapping/copying! We actually filmed the last two shows in LA professionally (Forest Wise was the man behind this), so we are hoping to release a live video some time in the future!"

    So, a live video also maybe! Not bad at all. She also wrote to me about all the soloprojects and new records. Rachel is doing some quality demos with Mark Van Hoen this time around, Neilīs record is almost finished and will probvably be out in October on 4AD and the next Mojave 3 record is pencilled for release next January. About the swapping bootlegs and liveshows, I think the best think right now is to use the message board for this purpose. I havenīt the time to fix a seperate page for this.

  • Rajesh also mentioned that the link to the lyrics for Ask me tommorrow lyrics are gone, but theyīre fixed now. Everything should be running smoothly with updates from now on. Iīve had som problems with my new cable connection, but now everything seems to be in order...

    March 10th, 2001
  • So, the american tour has ended. Thanks to ALL whoīve sent me setlists and reviews, Iīve put them up on the live pages. Sorry for the delay in reporting, Iīm pretty fed up with running this site right now...Anyway, thanks to: Kosan, Remi, Brad & Becky, Dustamericandust, Matthew Cassidy, Matthew Campbell, Alex, Wilson & Jamie for this update. Hope I didnīt forgot anyone...
  • Neil is also playing at SXSW Texas Union Theatre, March 16 at 10:00 p.m. Check their site to find out more here!

    March 3rd, 2001
  • Matthew C sent me a setlist which featured a quite pleasent surprise from the Seattle Show. Mojave 3 closed the set this evening with Dagger(!), a song that is present on Slowdiveīs second CD Souvlaki. The concert was reported to be good, altough some technical difficulties did arise with micīs and stuff. The band was very positive throughout the show though.

    February 21th, 2001
  • Jeff Keibel sent me a setlist today, with some interesting stuff about the future. Neil said that the band was going back to the studio in April / March to record some new stuff. Rachel has written 9 songs and are planning to demo them after the tour (March). We might see a solo album from her aswell! Neil is rumoured to release a solo album in the spring as you might recall. A post on the avalyn list recently (which by the way is very interesting now, discussing the fact that some bloke is making money on Slowdivedemos (which also features some of mojave 3īs earlier demos I suppose) posted by Jared was as follows: " [Neil] said that he doesn't think it will sound too much like mojave though it might have a slight slowdive feel but ultimately wont sound like either. he hopes the record will come out in october on 4ad and he will again tour the states for it. Surely some interesting news that is. Jeff also sent me a picture of a matchbox and a ticket for the show which can be found on the live page aswell.
  • Apart from Jeff, I also would like to thank David for the nice gesture !

    February 17th, 2001
  • Wilson sent me a setlist from the Bowery Ballroom concert last night and a link to a webzine which features a review of Excuses for travllers. .Thanks Wilson!

    February 14th, 2001
  • I got a mail from Poppy Gonzalez today with some information about the history of the band. Poppy did NOT leave only a week before an upcoming US tour, and did tour with the band across Scandinavia, UK and USA , including some radio sessions. Poppy left due to personal reasons and nothing else. All apologies made to Poppy for the misinformation thatīs been spread about this! Poppy also sent another link, with some nice pictures of Mojave 3, which as usual is available via the link page.

    February 13th, 2001
  • The first set-list from Mojave 3īs current US tour has arrived. Itīs Torr who sent me it and he also wrote about how polite the audience was, and that Neil even had to tell them it was okay to clap their hands! Check the setlist out on the Livesection. Be welcome to send me setlist from concert you attend!
  • Also, Tim sent me some great links last week, which I have put up on the link page, thanks a lot Tim!
  • As youīve noticed, this update was made thanks to two of many frequent visitors who contribute to this site and itīs state. If It hadnīt been for you, Iīm pretty sure this site wouldnīt have existed for so long! Thanks to all visitors!!!

    February 3rd, 2001
  • Neil Halstead will be playing at the SXSW in Austin, Texas when it occurs. Check out their site to know exactly when: Thanks Torr for that info!
  • Jeff Keibel sent me the interesting information about that Out of tune will be reissued in the US due to that the licensing deal between 4AD and Sire / London has ended. The release date for this reissued Cd Is set to march 20th and the catalogue number is GAD8018CD.
  • Iīve been working a couple of hours with the lyric and chord sections. Iīve been clustering files to make each album available as a whole file. Iīve also been checking links and made a major update of the link page.

    January 27th, 2001
  • First off, The Sid Hillman Quartet Will be support act for mojave 3 during their US tour in February - March. Great band, be sure not to miss them! Thansk to Brad N I also got another date in Canada on february 28th
  • Jerry mailed me some time ago and pointed out that AOL PLUS users can watch a live version of Prayer for the paranoid at

    January 17th, 2001
  • Pollstar have posted several more dates for Mojave 3īs forthcoming tour. You can either check their site out or visit the Livedates section.

    January 14th, 2001
  • The Mojave 3 US tour is beginning to take shape. Through various people Iīve got some dates which are posted on the live page. Thanks Douglas & Matthew. Via J.van & Professor Vast I got dates from the Avalyn list. More dates will come...
  • Iīm thinking about changing the view of lyrics and chords and maybe putting them all on one page which will work as a major music discography page that features everything from the former "Music section". Thatīs chords, lyrics, sounds etc. If any of you have any bright ideas regarding this matter I will thankfully consider those.

    January 10th, 2001
  • Via tha avalyn list i got the following link To an extremely interesting interview with Neil about the past including slowdive and the futur

    December 30th, 2000
  • This years last update concentrates on the fact that the Black Monkey Suit, the company behind the film "im am the elephant , you are the mouse" in which Mojave 3 / Slowdive contributed music to, is needing money to record another film. Therefore Forest Wise sent me a mail in which he and mojave 3 requested me to put some promotion up, so...go there and buy the films We can assume that mojave 3 will contribute som new music to this film.Itīs also mentioned that a site will be selling mojave 3 t-shirt in a while. You can even read the whole mail or take a look at the the promotion picture.
  • Ok, Thatīs it. This page is now 3 years old, a mere 13000 visits have been made and many of youīve been supportive of my work and with contributions and corrections during these years, itīs been great! Have a Happy New Year All!! // Henrik

    December 14th, 2000
  • 4AD has a new Mojave 3 section up on their site. Check it out. Thereīs a new biography which is really great, and the colours are marvellous in my eyes!
  • Iīve finally put up the pictures that Raymond from The SHQ sent me a couple of weeks ago . Thanks again Ray!

    November 27th, 2000
  • Lorenzo once again informed me about some errors on the chord page, which I think is great he did (Thanks!!!). Now, every song should be alright...

    November 21st, 2000
  • Virtuecast has been kind enough to let us watch the Toronto Acoustic Perfomance at their site. Check it out (I havenīt..deosnīt seem to work especially well with slowspeed connections....)Click Here!
  • And , for the future...Raymond Richards has sent me some nice pictures which I will put up in a little while from their (The Sid Hillman Quartet) Mojave 3 gathering...Keep checking back...

    November 19th, 2000
  • For a while , thereīs been info about Neil going solo on the Message board..go there and check it out. We can expect (?) an album in the spring from this talanted lad...
  • The Lyrics and Chords sections are now up to date and contains every single song Mojave 3 have released. Thanks to all the people whoīve helped me with this...and for being patient with the completion of these sections...Also, thank you Lorenzo for letting me know that some of the chords pages were dysfunctional. I think they are all there now...

    November 5th, 2000
  • Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Itīs been quite tricky to get into the tripodserver recently and Iīve been extremely busy with all sorts of things , but here goes...
  • Thereīs an excellent interview with rachel on Splendidezine, which is really really good...
  • Edd posted a message on the board about a London gig which took place November 4th. Donīt know where or when though...
  • Also, Iīve transcribed a few more songs plus Always right which was sent to me by Shane. Thanks a lot ...
  • Thereīs been some slight changes on the link page also.

    October 17th, 2000
  • Rocio just sent me information about a gig mojave 3 is doing at teh Sala Caracol in mMadrid next friday (the 20th of October). Thanks Rocio!
  • Also I wanna thank the guys in The Sid Hillman Quartet for the wonderful gift they sent me, it was great! I really recommend those who donīt know about this band to check out their website and explore their music.

    October 15th, 2000

  • On this happy day ;o) I got an email from James who sent me the dates for Neils soloshows, as support to folk singer songwriter Kathryn Williams and the up and coming band Turin Brakes. Look at the live section for those dates.... Thanks a Lot James!

    October 14th, 2000

  • I got a mail from Raymond Richards this week, Steel pedal player in the Band Sid Hillman Quartet (Support act in LA and SF). He played with our band in Los Angeles and San Fransisco and had some good news regarding the US fans. In february, Mojave 3 plan to embark on a major tour in the US, once again with TSHQ as support act. Raymond is also planning to send me some pictures that heīll send me in a while. Thanks a lot Ray!
  • Jeff Keibel sent me a tracklist from "One Bag Two Lumps and Three Cozies", which is a promo CD for Beggars Banquet. Itīs available on the Discography site. Thanks Jeff! Again!

    October 8th, 2000

  • Thanks to Brad, you can now read the lyrics for Always Right, Krazy Koz and Girl from the north Country in the lyrics section of the page.
  • Updates on this site will probably only be made on the weekends in the future, if thereīs not an extremely important news report that needs to made. Iīve got millions of things going on in the weeks right now unfortunatley...
  • Also, Bart sent me a message that the setlist in Brussels Belgium was the same as in Toronto.

    October 1st, 2000

  • Jeff Keibel sent me a scanned setlist from the Toronto show (thanks a lot ...again...). Return to sender WAS played. Click here to see the setlist. From now on, setlists will be added to the live section so youīre welcome to send me lists if you have...
  • Some good news regarding web sites. Lamy has decided to work on his site again! Check it out via the link page. Thereīs loads of pictures not featured here and also articles and stuff...
  • Iīve transcribed the interview from Swedish radio P3 done by Anna Karlsson and transmitted Septmeber 21st:

    [Male reporter, translated] Mojave 3 was formed 5 years ago since slowdive dissolved, a band which did dreampop. Mojave 3 took with them the great melodies and melancholoi but not the effect pedals and amchines. To this date, Mojave 3 has done 3 albums, the latest , excuses for travellers, was released this spring. The band concists of 5 members, 4 lads and one girl and for a while , they all lived together in a big house in Cornwall in the south of England. Nowadays Neil Halstead is the only one living there. The others have moved to London. Neil Halstead says that the [fördelar) with living together was that they were able to do music whenever they wanted.

    {excerpt from Lovesongs on the radio is played}

    [NH] - It was really good sort of working on music. Because you could kinda just do it any time of day. You now you didnīt have to sort of ring everyone up and arrange a rehearsal, you could just kind of say..if you sat around you just felt like doing some music you could juts go and do it so...It had a lot of benefits from that aspect I think but you kind of sacrifised a lot of sort of personal space i suppose

    [AK, translated from swedish] - Neil Halstead is sitting crosslegged on a blue wooden bench and smokes. For a While he has left the others on a pub a couple of hundred meters a way and now weīre sitting in the basement to the Venue, a little club just bedise Weaverly station in Edinburgh in Scotland Itīs Nh who writes the songs of mojave 3 and sings them. RG who you heard singing in the song we heard sang more in the beginning, nowadays, she is mostly doing background singing. Mojave 3 comes from England, but if you didnīt know that and only heard the music, you would probably think that they were from USA, on band slike Mazzy Star, Jayhwaks and Red House Painters.

    [NH] - Iīm a huge sort of The Red House painters fan. I love the red house painters and they probably influence what we do quite a lot.

    {Excerpt from Krazy Koz is played}

    [AK, translated] - Krazy Koz is available as a b-side to the Any Day will Be fine single and was Written to Mark Kozelek, he who sings in Red House Painters. But that song was not written by Neil, It was the Drummer Ian McCutcheon who wrote that. But Ian is not really satisfied with Krazy Koz, it wasnīt really finished he says a couple of hours later when the whole band is gathered in the lounge. He is more satisfied with the song Got My Sunshine, a song he wrote when his girlfriend broke up

    [IM] - It was recorded in the winter but my mind said that it was in the you know for the summer or whatever and it was about getting over someone and then just finding into point where you just think you know still alive, you know life goes on. You know when youīre in a relationship and it breaks up and if youīre the person whoīs being sort of fucked over then you always think "Oh God Is this the worst" ... when you suddenly get over it it was just like...It was basically I was down in Cornwall and just got up one day and it was just a beautiful day and I was just like...for some reason it felt totally over that whole thing...

    {Excerpt from Got my sunshine is played}

    [NH] - I think..I mean a lot of the last record was actually written while the band weīre sort of touring and...I know...I think a lot of the songs sort of reflects this kind of trenzy (?) and sort of record thatīs all about some different places and

    [AK] - Is that why itīs called Excuses for travlleres?

    [NH] - Yeah , I suppose so cause you know there was a sort of...we noticed there was some sort of travlleing theme..

    [AK] - Thereīs a song... Prayer for the Paranoid..

    [IM] - Prayer for the paranoid? Yeah

    [AK] - Is that how about itīs hard to write or?

    {excerpt from Prayer for the paranoid is played}

    [NH]That was written after a ..... disastourus sort fo tour in Germany i think which was really miserable, I think it was actually written while we were still on tour. And..somethimes you just do gigs and you just think "Whatīs the point" You know..." Why do we bother doing this to ourselves". Cause the thing is ..noone of us is making any money out of this really ..we all do different jobs I live in Cornwall and work behind a bar when Iīm not doing the band, Simon is sort of dintooing Video production and that sort of stuff when..the point where the band is not enjoyable I think we all question why we do it...and I think that song just sort of came out of that..But it makes up for it if you have a really good gig..when you know that youīce actually done something people have anjoyed in some way you know.

    [AK, transleted]The minutes before the concert on the Venue, Rachel Goswell is sitting with her head between her legs and memorizes background singing and basslines, Ian M is a little bit worried that heīs had a beer too much and the rest of the band just walks back and forth. Although Mojave 3 isnīt a [Röjar]band, they are a certainty on stage...the some blue light makes their music even more dreamy and intense. The audience in the hardly [glesa] rows in front of the scene shuts their eyes and listens...

    {In love with a view LIVE is played...}

    [Male reporter] - In love with a view from the latest album Excuses for travllers recorded live from The Venue in Edinburg. It was Musikjournalens Anna Karlsson who talked to Neil Halstead and Ian McCutcheon an evening in Scotland in the late summer... [END]

    September 27th, 2000

  • I got some time unpredicted time over so I decided to make real audio files of the remaning songs; Yer Feet (live) , Girl from the north country, Love from room 109 at the Islander and Phantasmorgia in two. As usually, the can be found on the Sounds page
  • Via Jeff Keibels 4AD site we get to know that there will be a webcast of one of Mojave 3īs "shows" in Canada. The actual show is an acoustic gig taht will take part in the afternoon in Toronto at the NOW lounge (189 Church street). This is part of their "Live at the Lounge series". Check it out via the Virtue Cast site in time for the 1:00 pm Eastern (10:00 am Pacific) performance on September 30.
  • Finally, Swedish radio p3 sent an interview with Neil and Ian this Thursday, which was a quite short, but interesting one. They even played "In love with a view" almost in itīs whole from the Edinburgh Festival! Iīll try to transcribe the interview as soon as possible...

    September 15th,2000

  • Iīve got some interesting links from J. Doe and Jeff Keibel. Doe did send me a really good tab link which features most of Mojave 3īs album songs except 2. Hereīs that link
    Jeff did send me a link that reminds us that Mojave 3īs album is really really great. The album was on Heavy rotation at Spin magazine a couple of weeks ago. Check it out
  • Steel pedal guitarist Raymond Richards has offered his services to the band at their LA concert on october 3rd. He plays in a band called Sid Hillman Quartet, a really nice band IMO.
  • Thereīs been a few songs added to the chords section. Itīs purely my own interpretations and not from the above mentioned site. Itīs more of a sport that way ;o) I hope to add the few remaing songs over the next couple of weeks
  • I hope you may be able to listen to some clips of the tracks Mojave 3 and Neil recorded for the Tim Buckley Tribute CD someday in the near future.
  • The second update this day offers you some nice pictures taken at the Benicassim Festival, Spain the 4th of August this year, taken by Roció. Thanks a lot for letting other fans of Mojave 3 see these!

    September 10th,2000

  • I transcribed "my life in art" this weekend due to a request on the message board.
  • Rolling Stone gave "Excuses..:" 3,5 stars and if you wanna read the article, click HERE

    September 3rd, 2000

  • Bowman had a request for two songs so I tried to transcribe them. I think it sounds ok to play them, but let me know if they sound strange. Youīre beautiful and She broke you so softly are the songs that are new on the chord page..

    August 31st, 2000

  • the 4Ad Newsletter lets us know that the B-sides for the single Return ro sender (BAD 2K17, released September 25th), will be a live version of Yer feet (said to be "amazing) recorded in Portugal, and (on the CD) Neil's take on Dylan's "Girl From The North Country". This marks the first ever offical CD release of a song recorded live from out band.
  • The newsletter also gives us a few more livedates, check out the livepage for more info...a short quote from NME is also posted, and a reminder about the US release of "Excuses...".

    August 27th, 2000

  • First of all Iīd like to thank you all for sending me those nice messages regarding the work I put down to this site. It sure makes it worth to work on with it! Thank you all!!!
  • "Swell" did send a post on the message board with a request for two songs to be tabbed and well...Theyīre transcribed: Yer feet and Caught beneath you heel. Find out how to play them on the chords page. "Only" 13 songs to go...

    August 20th, 2000

  • According to Jeff Keibles 4AD site, Mojave 3 is doing three concert in the US in September / October. Check out the LIVE page for details.
  • The catalouge number for the Return to Sender single that will be released on September 25th in the UK is BAD 2K17 CD, while the Stateside version of Excuses for travellers is CAD 72K05 CD.

    August 6th, 2000

  • Iīve put up the chords for 5 songs which hasnīt been transcribed before: Return to sender, Prayer for the paranoid, No matter what you do, When youīre driftinī and Tryinī to reach you.
  • The link to the NME review is Here

    August 2nd, 2000

  • Thanks to Ed, you are now welcome to join the Mojave 3 message board via the banner above. No registration is required so use it with moral thought please. If you want a new topic, you will first need to enter an already existing one to be able to do that. Other than that thereīs really not much to say....just go ahead...
  • During July , NME has posted a review of Excuses for travellers. It gets a pretty good review, including a slight critisism towards the non-surprising perfectness of the songs. This, along a suggestion from the above mentioned Ed marks the first real subject of the message board, namely: Mojave 3īs musical progression...

    July 29th, 2000

  • Back from the holiday and some interesting news to report. First, a new single will be released sometime according to Jeff Kiebels 4AD website. The song is the splendid "Return to sender". More info will come when given.
  • The official website on will not be up for a while because the band canīt afford to keep it running. I got a mail from Rachel about this, and itīs a pity. I guess you all have to stick with this ;o)
  • Thanks have to go to "Letdown" and Jason for sending me the chords for "All your tears" and "In love with a view". Thanks also to Jeff Keibel for sending me a promo picture of the japanese CD. Check it out on the discography page.

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