Mojave 3 Setlist 2001-02-22
Setlist Shubas, Chicago, USA, Feb 22nd 2001 (Submitted by John)

my life in art
caught beneath your heel
give what you take
this road I'm traveling
who do you love
she broke you so softly
some kinda angel
in love with a view
yer feet
baby's coming home
trying to reach you (acoustic)

Review By John

The show was great. There really wasn't too much memorable in-between song banter between the crowd and the band. They just played their songs and were received well. They seemed a little stiff. At Reckless Records a few hours before, they did an acoustic set--just Neil and Rachel. Rachel said their bus broke down on the way from Toronto, and they were exhausted, which showed a little onstage at Schubas. My tape of the show came out pretty good.

At Reckless, I caught the first four songs (I had a stupid doctor appointment to go to!). In fact, I was recruited to help set up the soundboard, which was nerve-wracking. Neil didn't like my mix. I wanted to tell him I had a B.A. from a sound engineering program, but it wasn't the appropriate time or place! Anyway…Neil introduced a new song which I call "Cathy I Can Still See Stars." It sounds a lot like "Prayer For the Paranoid" (acoustic). I don't have the words in front of me but I can piece them together from memory (mostly): one day it just snowed I guess and they closed the roads into your heart you came home like a dead star, no laughter, no loving anymore years ago you sent a postcard, it's the one that always made me laugh it said send for reinforcements cause there's too much here for me to love

what could they do? what could they do to make you feel ok?

i remember once hearing about a man who had a plan he tied himself to a balloon and floated up to try to reach the moon at fifteen thousand feet they grabbed him, pulled him down…(I forgot the line) took him home, cleaned him up, and hoped that he had learned his lesson well

what could the do? what could they do to make him feel ok?

cathy i can still see stars, the same ones that we wished upon I could see you in the radar, but I could never bring you down you cut the ties your floating free yeah, high and low and in between you cut the ties your floating free yeah, high and low and in between