Mojave 3 Reviews 2001-03-16
Neil Solo at SXSW Texas Union Theatre, Houston, TX, USA March 16th 2001

Review by Rajesh
The actual SXSW show was today (Mar. 16, 10pm) at the Texas Union theater on the campus of the University of Texas. Neil's set was preceded by Kristin Hersh's set. The guy who introduced Neil was either clueless or trying to be funny because he first introduced Neil as being from Navajo 3 and then seemed to have forgotten what Neil's name was. Neil talked about already having been in Austin for a week during the SXSW music conference/film festival time, and still having seen only one film and heard only one band during this time. The songs he played were (in the order he played them):

Who do you love
A song where the word Postcard occurs - something about a postcard that always makes me laugh...
Trying to reach you
Martha's plaster [Neil mentioned this one was new]
A song where the words Cigarette, England occur
Yer Feet
A song that has the line "I swear I won't let you down/go"

The set was around 40 mins. In principle he could have gone on for another 5 mins., but I think the organizers had asked him to wrap up. During his concert, he apologized for not playing the harmonica well saying that he was just learning it. Also at the beginning of another song, he picked up the wrong harmonica, started playing it, and then stopped after realizing that it was the wrong key. He couldn't find the right one, said "fuck it, I can't do that song" and then started with another song. At the end of his said, someone asked him to bring Mojave 3 back to Austin. He said that that sounded like a good idea. [We were bypassed on the current tour.] So there is hope!

Review by Torr
saw Neil play SXSW last night! (just him, an acoustic, and some harmonicas)

Who Do You Love / new / Trying To Reach You / new / new / Yer Feet / new / new

Talked to him after the performance and he said he's recorded some of the solo album and that he'd like it to be released sometime this year, on Beggar's Banquet.