Mojave 3 Review 2001-03-15
Neil Solo at 33 degrees instore Houston, USA, March 15th 2001

Review by Rajesh Neil Halstead played two shows in Austin - one yesterday (Mar. 15, 6pm) at an instore at 33 Degrees. His set was preceded by Japancakes from Athens, Georgia. Neil's show was great. He himself seemed very down-to-earth and approachable. He was weraing a t-shirt that said `Michigan,' torn jeans, and sneakers. The set started with him introducing himself as Neil from England. He talked a bit later on during his show complaining somewhat goodnaturedly about the harmonica apparatus that he was using, and the fact that he could never find the exact harmonica he needed for a given song. He said that since Austin was a city of musicians, maybe someone could help with his harmonica problems. I don't quite know the full setlist because some of the songs were new to me. He mentioned that he would be playing his newer songs. Still the ones that I remember are: (not in the order they were played)
Who do you love?
Anyday you like
Martha's plaster [new, I think the name may be wrong]
Yer feet
The set was around 45 mins. so there must have been others. At the end of the set, he mentioned his SXSW showcase at the Texas Union the next day.

The instore was not an official SXSW event. It was very well attended and free.