Mojave 3 Review 2001-02-21
Review By Alex

The bands arrived late because the tour bus broke down in Canada, they didn't make it to the concert hall until 11:30p.m.. The scheduled time for the doors to open was 8:00. Luckily they were able to get there ok, but Rachel complained about customs delaying them also. The coolest thing was when the bands were carrying their gear through the crowed, the venue had rap music playing ( I don't know why ) which gave the bands this bad ass vibe.

They played great and Simon and Ian kept just jamming at the end of most of the songs, which made Neil laugh at times. They closed the show with a brilliant version of Trying to reach you which was just Neil and Rachel, plus earlier in the set Rachel sang the last line in Sarah which led to a great response from the crowed ( she needs to sing more I feel ).