When you´re driftin´

[C]When was the day
When [Am]suddenly
[G]All of the [F]time rolled away [G]
You were [C]drifting along
[Am]Having some [G]fun
When you [F]noticed the clock [G]

[F]Suddenly e[G]verything
[Em]fell out of [F]place
You burned all your [G]bridges
Cos you [Em]grew up too [F]late
And the people you love
[G]Are just [Em]so far a[F]way
When You´[C]re drifting [F]

[C]Ten years on the road
[Am]And [G]you still can´t [F]make it back home [G]
You were [C]caught out on your own
[Am]Still [G]waiting for the [F]wistle to blow [G]


© 4AD, Written by Neil Halstead