To whom should I write
(album version)
(capo on 2:nd fret)
G1=non-barré chord(320003), G2=barré chord on 3rd fret(355433),
A1=non-barré chord(x02020), A2=X07655, D=(xx0232)
where are you [D]now [G2][A2]
have you [G2]travelled too [D]far [G2][A2]
and how are your [G1]dreams
have you got what you [A1]need
and whom do you [D]smile on [G2][A2]
did you [G2]walk out the [D]line [G2][A2]
did you [G2]take what you [G1]wanted
did you take what was [A]right
and whom do you [D]fly with [G2][A2]
when you [G2]break out the [D] day [G2][A2]
[G2]whom do you [G1]cry with
whose wings do you [A]steal
to whom should i [D]write [G2][A2][G2]

whose smile do you [G1]ride on
when you're walking a[A]lone
and whom do you [D]think of [G2][A2]
when the [G2]night is your [D]home[G2][A2]
is there [G2]nothing that [G1]breaks you
no thought for the [A]dead
and whom should i [D]think of [G2][A2]
when [G2]closing to [D]door [G2][A2]
yeah [G2]whom should i [G1]think of
which smile should i [A]ride
to whom should i [D]write [G2][A2][G2]

© 4AD, Written by Neil Halstead