Official sites
  • 4ADīs homepage
  • - The offical site, but not running due to lack of money
  • Atomicpop , an excellent site with lots of stuff

    Various Fan sites

  • Lams page
  • 4ADīs homepage
  • Jeff Keibels EXCELLENT site about 4ad and related artists
  • The former Mojave 3 official site. Not updated since 1998 though. Check out their Avalyn-d mailing list though
  • Another Chord page coutesy of Letdown

    "Magazine" links

  • NME Return to sender review
  • NME Out of tune review
  • NME LONDON WC2 live review
  • NME LONDON Borderline live review
  • NME LONDON Camden Dingwalls live review
  • NME Excuses for travllers review
  • The Mojave 3 section at Rolling Stone


  • Splendidezine / Rachel interview, also very interesting
  • Hereīs an interview done in Cologne 1999 with Neil
  • Read an interview with Neil at
  • OK

    Other sites related to Mojave 3

  • Black Monkey Suit
  • The Sid Hillman Quartet


  • Virtuecast of a mojave in-store gig in Toronto , 2000
  • Some Kinda Angel Video (courtesy of Vidnet)

  • My own personal homepage