Some kinda angel
in the [C]night-time bars [F]
the hours go [C]slowly [F]
the life-lines fade [C]fast as the [F]music plays [C]soft
and the [Am]band falls a[F]part

and [C]Jane [F] needs some ex[C]citement [F]
her boyfriend stands [C]tall
for [F]nothing at [C]all
as he [Am] bores her to [F]bed

in the [C/G(?)]morning light
i was [F]fading fast
those [C/G]moonshine visions
were [F]gaining their grasp and the [C/G]highway blues
had [F[pulled me down to my [G]knees [F][Em][Dm]

and [C]you, [F] were some kinda [C]angel [F]
you took me a[C]side
said [F]hey never[C]mind
i'll [Am]make you feel [F]better

and the [C]morning came
you said [F]i will never under[C]stand
why the [F]midnight lies are never [C]planned
and [F]which dream is [C]yours
and [Am]which is [F]mine

i said [C]hey don't you feel [F]alive
when the night time [C]holds ya
and there's nothing that you [F]want
no place that you can't go
[F]nothing that you [C]need
[Am]no one you cannot [F]touch

i said [C]yeah[F]..gimme something [C]new [F]
gimme something [C]new

4AD, Written by Neil Halstead