Mojave 3 Setlist 2001-03-02
Setlist Portland, USA, March 2nd 2001 (Submitted by Matt Campbell & Remi Olsen!)

My life in art
Caught beneath your heel
Give what you take
This road I'm traveling
When you're drifting
In love with a view
Yer feet
Some kinda angel
Prayer for the paranoid
Baby's coming home
Review by Matthew
The sound was INCREDIBLE compared to the Seattle show and the band was playing phenominally... But unfortunately, we got a short set. I think that they were HIGHLY annoyed with all of the people talking. It was a fairly large room with tables and such, so the back of the room seemed to be very very chatty.. enough so that Neil commented about it...

Review by Remi
There were some minor sound difficulties, and the band seemed like they were pissed off at the majority of the audience, and I can't say I blame them for that. A lot of people were more into their own chatter than listening to the concert.

Other than that I'd say the concert was pretty much damn perfect.