Mojave 3 Setlist 2001-02-28
Setlist Starfish Room, Vancouver, Canada, Feb 28th 2001 (Submitted by Brad & Becky)

My Life In Art
Caught Beneath Your Heel
Give What You Take
This Road I'm Travelling
When You're Drifting
In Love With A View
Some Kind of Angel
Yer Feet
Trying To Reach You
Where Is The Love
Keep It All Hid
Baby's Coming Home

Review By Brad

A brilliant concert, the best I've ever seen, they are my favorite band tho, so what do you expect me to say.

Some things that really impressed me watching them on stage, they all looked like they were really enjoying themselves out there, Neil & Rachel's singing was amazing---they both display alot of passion in their singing, especially noticed it with Neil on "In Love With A View", "When You're Drifting" & "Give What You Take", and Rachel on "Sarah", "Where Is the Love" & "Mercy". You can see Rachel and Neil are in synch on stage alot since they've played so many years together, it was fun to watch, heck they even kept reaching for their drinks at the same time all night.

Didn't get any of their disks at the show as they were selling their 3 full length disks and I already have them, my wife and I were pleased to see they had Mojave 3 T-shirts and we each bought one.

I've been in touch with Rachel thru the email a few times the past few months and she put my wife and I on the guestlist, which was great and then provided us with the highlight of the night, when just before playing "Mercy" she announced to the crowd that "They would like to dedicate tonight's set to Brad & Becky with congratulations on their 15th wedding anniversary" That's my wife and I by the way, so that was definitely our highlight of the night.

Another highlight of the night was Rachel mentioned she would like to meet us in one of her emails, so we asked if we could go back stage and meet the band and were allowed, it was fabulous. Got a couple photos of me and the band and me and Rachel taken by my wife and got Rachel to autograph all my 7 Cds, singles and all. We got to talk to the band for about 10 minutes and then all the guys left the room and we continued to have a great conversation with Rachel for another 20-30 minutes. Rachel is a wonderful person a real sweetheart to talk to. I guess that's another thing I would like to mention about the band, is how down to earth, humble and relaxed they were, it's great to see in this music era when some other artists can sometimes tend to think they are Gods, they could learn a lesson by not only watching Mojave 3 perform musically but also watching what they are like as people, a wonderful bunch.

Some news, Neil's Cd is close to being finished, he said "It is hard to describe the style of music on it, not quite Mojave 3, nor Slowdive. Rachel told me she has 9 songs done of her singing and playing acoustic guitar for her Cd, but said it is awhile from being finished, probably released about this time next year. Mojave 3 is going in the studio April/May to record the new Cd which should be out later this year possibly. I asked if Neil and Rachel's solo albums could be the possible end to Mojave 3 and Rachel said "No, Not at all, we just felt like doing a solo project, but things are going well in the band and we are definitely staying together". Good news for all of us. Imagine within the next year we get to look forward to Neil's Cd, Mojave 3 new Cd, Rachel's Cd, a good year coming up for all Mojave 3 fans.

In closing I'll just say I knew they would put on a fabulous show but I was really impressed at what a good group of people they were to visit with, and Rachel if you read this as a review, thanks for everything from my wife and I, you are an angel : )