Return to sender

The sun donīt love me
and itīs easy to cry
I send a letter
But I get no reply
Just a note
Return to sender

We talk on tiptoe
everytime we meet
But Iīm think breaking up
Is just a congiet
Cos love turns sour
Every hour

I stand all day
With a rose in my teeth give it to the first girl
That will say something sweet
She says thank you but this flower
It will die within the hour
Return to sender

I went looking for a priest
I said say something please
I donīt wanna live my life
All alone
He said God will take care
Of those that help them
But you look pretty screwed, Send a letter

And the word on the street
Is that death is complete
When you think that
You know where youīre going
Amd the headline in my mind says
Patience for the blind
If you find us

return to sender

Đ 4AD, Written by Neil Halstead