Prayer for the paranoid
Iīll send you a letter 
From the frontline
Please send applause
And som good advice
You were born with a compass
A map on your table
Tell me how did you find out
Your bearings were wrong

Just pray for us 
pray for sunshine
These days are cold
and Iīm missing you
The city is no place to lose
Ah, But I never thought
I could choose
It was plain from the start
I was playing for time

I need laughter and love
some special drug
I need ciggarettes

Thereīs killers behind us
Devils ahead
Send protection
I will drown in this city
I will drown in this trench
Boilt for us
And the only thing left
Yeah the only thing left
Is the running

And these clouds keep on rolling
and I , I donīt know why
Take this guitar out of my hands
I surrender
This town donīt need drunkards
Or singers of bad poetry
Thay need dancing and drugs and laughter
and we donīt have them

Just pray for us
Pray for sunshine
These days are cold
And Iīm missing you

This letter was meant for your eyes
Destroy it and then 
Just go hide

Youīre the only thing left
That makes any sense
Please donīt blow it

Đ 4AD, Written by Neil Halstead