Phantasmagoria In Two
If a[Dm] fiddler [C]played you a [Bb]song, my [Dm]love
And if [C]I gave you a [Bb]wheel [Dm]
Would you [Bb]spin for my [C]heart and [Dm]lone[C]li[Bb]ness
Would you spin [C]for my [Dm]love 
If I gave up [C]all of my [Bb]pride for [Dm]you
And only [C]loved you for [Bb]now [Dm]
Would you [Bb]hide my [C]fears and [Dm]ne[C]ver [Bb]say
"Tomorrow [C]I must [Dm]go" 

[Bb]Every[C]where there's [Dm]rain my love
[Bb]Every[C]where there's [Dm]fear 
[Bb]Every[C]where there's [Dm]rain my love
[Bb]Every[C]where there's [Dm]fear 

If you tell me a [C]lie I'll [Bb]cry for [Dm]you
Tell me of [C]sin and I'll [Bb]laugh
If you [Bb]tell me of [C]all the [Dm]pain [C]]you've [Bb]had
I'll swear  I never [C]smile a[Dm]gain 


I can plainly [C]see that our [Bb]parts have [Dm]changed
Our sands are [C]shifting [Bb]around [Dm]
Need I [Bb]beg to [C]you for [Dm]one [C]more [Bb]day
To find our[C] lonely [Dm]love 


Manifesto records, Written by Tim Buckley