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July 9th, 2000

  • The last update before the circa 3 weeks of holiday for this page and me is about a Tim Buckley tribute album, which features out band doing the song Love From Room 109 At The Islander and Neil on his own doing Phantasmagoria In Two. The album will be out September 12th in the states(By Manifesto records) and september 4th in the UK (and rest of Europe I presume).
  • Neil also did a sologig somewhere in america recently. I got it posted via the avalyn-d list but as my brand new ("/#( Windows based computer have been very unkind this first week , I had to erase my C:\ Twice in order to get everything right. The gig he did was reported as a fantastic event, where he among other songs played Sarah.

    July 2th, 2000

  • Although Mojave 3 didnīt play at the Roskilde festival I feel itīs such a tragedy, I feel that It has to be made clear that this is a terrible accident where 9 people died, that could have happened anywhere. I think we all shall send out our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of those who lost their lives and those who were injured in the senseless accident. Take care all of you...

    June 23rd, 2000

  • Just a addition to yesterdays update. The 4AD newsletter also contained some info on the independent films that Neil has been involved with, regarding music and stuff. The films are called "I'm The Elephant, U Are The Mouse", "Life Is Nice" and "Hussy" and are available via the Black Monkey Suit site.

    June 22nd, 2000

  • The latest newsletter from 4AD lets us know that mojave 3 is playing some festival throughout Europe This summer. Check out the Live pages to find out where
  • Thereīs also a review from TimeOut Magazine which I post here:

    Mojave 3

    "More simple, heartfelt songs, elegantly realised, desperate, wild, romantic and blue. Album number three, and Neil Halstead's Mojave 3 keep getting better while losing none of their warmth or fragility. Halstead here blithely shrugs off the Nick Drake comparisons : where once his band merely had potential and moments of greatness, now they are a genuine force to be reckoned with. Truly, this is exquisitely melodic, tenderly wrought and softly haunting fare. Compare it to something like the new Jayhawks album and there is no contest. This is no elaborate construct. Infused with a wan melancholic wonder, it is the real thing.

    Ten songs, and not a single weak link. The first eight are Halstead compositions, comprising a veritable suite of velvet introspection, all rent and exposed. The subtly epic "In Love With A View" opens with a wash of piano and steel guitar, building to crashing, chiming crescendo. Current single "Any Day Will Be Fine" is pure pop, full-blown and wide open, followed by "She Broke You So Softly", a bared and beautiful work of pills, pain and sang froid. The final two tracks are no superfluous add-ons either. "Can't Break Me" (written and sung by bassist Rachel Goswell) is cool and sprightly, whilst - with plangent trumpet and muted gospel choir - Ian McCutcheon's "Got My Sunshine" is a superb closer. This is a great album."

    Ross Fortune, Time Out

  • And, finally, theres the report about the Stateside release of Excuses for travellers, which you all know about if youīve visited this site before.

    June 17th, 2000

  • During the week it has come clear to me that the only break in this sites reporting (besides my laziness in updating it) is gonna be in mid july (the 11th through the 25th, circa) due to vacation around Sweden on my Acoustic motorbike (quote: Luka Bloom). Otherwise nothing to report really....

    June 12th, 2000

  • Sorry for the missing news here. Iīve been travellinī a lot recently, but now Iīm home for a while. I have to start to report that this site will be down for 1-2 months soon due to the reason given before, Iīm beginning a new job soon and have to return my computer to my present employer. Starting from around the 26th of June through to mid August I think the site will be down.
  • I got a mail from Karl Parks who was kind enough to send a report from Mojave 3īs In-store concert. I post most of the mail here as I think itīs worth reading:

    I thought I would let you know that Mojave 3 played Border's bookstore on Friday 2/6. Neil, Rachel and Simon played seven songs: Trying to Reach You, Give What You Take, All Your Tears, A Hilarious Return To Sender where Neil forgot the words and his guitar was badly out of tune!, a cover version of a country song I did not know, Road I'm Travelling and a grogeous In Love With A View.

    Afterwards the three of them chatted and signed cd's. I spoke to Rachel about her duet with Mark Kozelek from the Red House Painters. Apparently, Rachel's dislike of flying meant that she was sent a tape to record her part of the song, Around and Around. It seems they are playing a lot of festivals in the UK and Europe this summer with some more dates promised in early autumn here. I also managed to talk to Neil about the band's cover version of Tim Buckley's Love from Room 107 which will be vailable on a tribute album later in the year.

    It was quite a thrill finally speaking to them and despite appearing a little tired and bewildered at playing so early in the day, everyone enjoyed the beauty of the songs and the honesty of the performances.

    As I said to Neil, " We are lucky to have you ".

  • I also got a mail from Matthew who gave further tips to US fans who wants the record to look at the big stores Virgin and HMV who should have it as import.
  • For all guitarplaying fans I completely forgot the typed down notes at a place I was staying this weekend, so I guess youīll have to wait a while longer. Hopefully I will have a handfull songchords up until the break in reports from this site.

    june 1st, 2000

  • According to the Official Hultsfredsite, mojave 3 has cancelled the gig due to reasons not yet known. Sad, but true...
  • Dresden Black and Jason gave me the following tips on how US fans should get their copy of "Excuses for travellers". Dresden aldo gave those who live near the north border to go to Canada where the CD has been released...

    May 29th, 2000

  • So, Mojave 3 will be playing the Hultsfredsfestival in Sweden which lasts 15-17 of June. I only wish...(Thanks Henrik)
  • Basically, 60% of the songs on Excuses for travellers are tabbed and ready, as soon as I have the time to type them down. A little taster: Return to sender is [C][G][F] over and over again...

    May 24th, 2000

  • One of my sources (In fact a member of the band, Ian) mailed me and could tell about a european tour planned int the autumn, but NO dates are confirmed yet. I also have another thing regarding this mail to tell, but it will have to wait I while...
  • Via the slowdive / mojave 3 mailing list avalyn-d I got a really interesting link to an interview with the folks in mojave 3, drinking absinth and discussing about the taste of it and other things. Is the adress...
  • Iīve also got some mails asking for shops in the US who have import versions of Excuses for travellers and for those who donīt wanna shop the webway (for example at , etc) I really donīt know. I live in Sweden so Iīm not even on the same continent as the unlucky US folks. Is there anyone who can give them a tip?
  • Iīve transcribed a few songs on guitar for those who are interested, But I havenīt the time right now to type them down. Work all day and all of the night...*phew*. Due to this, there will NO updates until sunday 28th of May. If there should be anything to update.

    May 20th, 2000

  • Thereīs now a chance for everyone to listen to 30 seconds of every songs released by Mojave 3 on the soundspage. Let me know if youīre having problems listening to the clips.

    May 19th, 2000

  • Swedish evening paper Aftonbladet reports that Mojave 3 will be playing on the Quart festival in Kristiansand, Norway which last from 4-8 July. This is also confirmed by the official Quart festival site which also mentions the 7th as the date Mojave 3 will be playing.
  • Regarding official, the Official Mojave 3 Site is under construction.
  • Iīve read two reviews of the album today, both Swedish. Aftonbladet gave it 4 out fo 5 , Goeteborgsposten, GP only gave it 2 out of 5. I will try to put all review up in the archive section. Swedish Nojesguiden also mentions that Rachel together with Mark Kozelek does a brilliant version of John Denvers song Around and Around.

    May 18th, 2000

  • Finally, I got hold of the album today. Todays update contain words for all tracks on the album, an update of the discogrpahy section as I discovered a Movie Soundtrack our group was featured on in 1999 called Election. The songs they contributed was This Road I'm Travelling.
  • I got a mail from Torr, who gave me the tip to go to CDNOWīs news section. I post the entire article:

    Britain's Mojave 3 will finally see its third album, Excuses for Travellers, released in the U.S. by 4AD/Beggar's Banquet on Sept. 5, but it won't be the same version that was released in the U.K. on Monday (May 15). The Stateside version of the album will include two bonus tracks, "Krazy Koz" and "Always Right," as well as an electric version of the acoustic U.K. album track "Prayer for the Paranoid." Formerly Slowdive, Mojave 3 rechristened itself Mojave 3 after being dropped from Creation Records in 1995. The band's 4AD debut, Ask Me Tomorrow, surfaced a year later, followed by a second effort, Out of Tune, in 1998. (Kevin Raub)
    Surely some good news for the US fans....

  • Soundclips from the album is probably up by the weekend. I also want to let you know that, unfortunately, this site may be on itīs last couple of months...I have got a work that I reallyreally wanted, at a preschool with music as main subject (Fact is, some of the kids at my present work knows the lalala-part in Give what you take...), so I have to let my present employer take my lended computer back. That means 1) I can only do updates very seldom or 2) I will close my site for a long time if I donīt manage to get a reasonably cheap computer soon after Iīve begun the new work. Iīll let you know as soon as I know...

    May 13th, 2000

  • Iīve put up Real audio clips of the following songs on the sounds page [click atMusic on the left]: Any day will be fine, Crazy Koz, Always right and In Love With A View. Today itīs only two days left ....

    May 12th, 2000

  • Jeff mailed me some unfortunate news for the US fans. The release has been postponed until the 5th of September by Sire. The reason for the delay is that the paperwork following the licencing to Sire has taken so much time that itīs not a chance it will be a may release. Canadian fans can buy the CD on May 16th as promised before though. The US release will contain bonustracks, which are yet to be decided.
  • The Beggars groups deutch promo CD is now up in Discography section.

    May 9th, 2000

  • Thanks to Atomicpop, ya all can download a MP3 of In Love with A View! Go there and listen to one of mojave 3īs finest songs ever in my opinion. Apart from that, you can aslo download Mp3īs of earlier tracks from mojave 3 at the reasonable cost of $0.99. Those of you whoīve written to me asking for mp3īs..Go there and get them...
  • Iīll have some real audioclips up, preumably in the weekend, from Any day will be fine single, and of course the above mentioned track.

    May 4th, 2000

  • May 1st saw the release of Mojave 3īs second single from the fortcoming album, and this time itīs a more easy-to-get release. Any day will be fine contains a song (CD-version only) which is dedicated to Red House Painters frontman Mark Kozelek called song is called Crazy Koz which is written by Ian by the way. As some may recall, Rachel sang with Mark K on a tribute record to John Denver earlier this year.
  • Look out for new features in a while...

    May 1st, 2000

  • Mojave 3 are featured on a US promo sampler from 4ad called Tea for 2000. The M3 track is the wonderful Return to sender and you can find more info about it on the discography section, where you also will find a scan of that cover + a scan of the In love with a view 7"-single
  • Thereīs also another Promo Cd out from Beggars Banquet featuring the same track from M3. More about this later, I hope.

    April 20th, 2000

  • Iīve redone the site so that visitors using 800x600 screens can view the site without any large difficulties. If you still have problems, donīt be afraid to let me know.
  • For those of you that havenīt heard the new album on, I just want to let you know that itīs a brilliant album! There are a lot of info on the feature on Atomicpop so go there and read, listen and enjoy! There are info about how Neil changes directions after 3 records (?) and about the fact that the last two songs on the album is written by Rachel and Ian.
  • Iīve also been informed by 4AD general manager Chris White about a certain matter , a VERY nice one indeed, that I will post here as soon as itīs confirmed...

    April 7th, 2000

  • Jeff was kind enough to send me scanned image of the Any day will be fine single. you can find it on the discography section (click "Music" on the menu)
  • NME has posted a review of a mojave 3 show at London N1 Union chapel gig. It was, apparently, a great show. Check it out!. I found this information at Jeffīs 4AD site Facing the wrong way. You can reach it via the link page. On this page, itīs said that mojave 3 will be playing Dingwalls at Camden Lock in London on May 10th.
  • NME also have a nice review of the single In love with a view
  • Atomicpop has given us all the delightful pleasure of listening to the WHOLE new Album in RealAudio! Check it out!

  • 4ad has confirmed the release of a new album , Excuses For Travellers , out may15th in Europe and the day after in the US and Canada. The album, which tracklisting is mentioned below, will be proceeded by two singles.In love with a view will be the first one. Itīs a limited edition 7" single and features In love with a view and Prayer for the paranoid [Electric]. Release date is set to April 3rd.

    The second singel will be Any day will be fine and is released may 1st. The 7" contains Any day will be fine and Always right. The Cd single will also feature a song called Crazy Koz

  • Also, Rachel is singing a duet with Mark Kozelek of Red House painters. Theyīre singing a John Denver Song called Around and Around on a tribute CD to him compiled by Mark K.

  • As you might have noticed, Iīve freshened up the site and made it look nicer (I think..) I know that itīs not perfect, and doesnīt work on older browsers, but when 99% of all my visitors uses Netscape / Explorer 4 or higher, i decided to do this anyway. Please mail me if youīre having trouble so that I can make this page available to as many as possible. Thanks!