Mojave 3 News Archive

January 20th, 2000

  • According to the slowdive mailing list a new album will be out in May(!) and will have the following tracklist:
    1 In Love With A View
    2 Trying To Reach You
    3 My Life In Art
    4 Return To Sender
    5 When you´re Drifting
    6 Any Day Will Be Fine
    7 She Broke You So Softly
    8 Prayer For The Paranoid [Acoustic]
    9 Bringin´me home (probably written by Rachel)
    10 Got My Sunshine
    As we all can see the brilliant song "Trying to reach you" is included! Great news that is....Thanks Nikolaj for sending me this info!! Is return to sender a cover of the 60´s song? Anyone??

    January 7th, 2000

  • The first news for this new year is tour news!!! The band has begun / is beginning a tour someday according to 4AD´s site. I haven´t any dates because their site is somewhat uninformative on this matter. I´ll get back to it as sson as I know more.

    August 11th

  • According to 4AD spokeswoman Colleen Maloney Mojave 3 are in the beginning stages of the recording of the new album. We are both convinced it will be another classic...
  • I´ve been searching my hometown´s record shop after the Moontripsoundtrack but haven´t found it so you´ll have to wait for the soundclip of the song. I´m not sure if it´s released in europe if it´s released at all. Anyone?

    June 20th

  • Not much news lately. An interesting link is up though, which goes to a page containing Mp3´s of 4 songs by Mojave 3, performed at KVRX, Austin , Texas in 1996. The songs are: Mercy, One more Time, Tryin´ to reach you and the Bob Dylan Cover Queen Jane. Check out the links page for more.

    April 11th

  • The Soundtrack to "A Trip To The Moon" has been released in the U.S. Available on Sire Records, it contains "only" one of the two songs recorded by Mojave 3 for this occassion, namely "No Matter what You Do". The song is a Love cover and the record can be obtained through This link

    March 13th

  • The live dates for the american tour can be viewed on the "live" page. They were recieved from pollstar, reachable from UBL
  • I´ve got green lights from 4AD to put out real audio files of every single mojave 3 song released so...take a hike to the dischographysection and you´ll find them! The chords for the songs has been put on hold until time is on my side.

    February 16th

    Once again, info from Christine:
  • Mojave 3 is planning an american tour in March/ April, more info later, but it may be an interesting tour with some other british band. The plans for a Scandinavian tour though, has been put aside because of economic reasons. *sniff*
  • Mojave 3´s excellent record "Out of Tune", which title describes how Mojave 3 feels towards the british music scene (due to an article in Aftonbladet), was number 1 in the Gavin Report's College Chart (An industry report on radio activity in the USA). They were also #3 in the CMJ college chart. Great!
  • Mojave are rehearsing new songs in London right now (well maybe not right NOW, but this time around) and oh yeah...Neil and Ian have beards.
  • Lam put some pictures up from the Koeln gig where he met the band some time ago. Go check his site out!
  • I´m currently struggling with chords to the remaing songs not tabbed out. Should be finished in a short while I hope.

    January 3rd

    Through Christine I got his interesting stuff:
  • Mojave 3 is going to contribute 2 songs to the forthcoming soundtrack supporting the movie Walk on the Moon (On M3´s new company in the US, Sire). The Movie is produced by Dustin Hoffmans amongst many others and Mojave 3 is the only band on the soundtrack from the present. The songs though are old, mojave 3 covers Loves "No matter what you do" and Donovans "Catch the wind". They were recorded at Chiswick Reach Recordings studio in London, with an American producer Andy Paley. The songs were recorded before the tour that M3 did supporting Gomez.
  • The scandinavian tour is still a bit on the planning stage, it will MAYBE occur in February.

    December 13th

  • In Aftonbladet this Friday, Out of Tune was rated the 64th best record of the year.
  • For all those americans aiming to get the record easy, Lam has recieved info from the band that the album is out there on January 6th! Lam also got Rachels new mailadress: when he met the band recently

    October 30th

  • In swedens biggest paper Aftonbladet today, Mojave 3 got 4 "plus" out of 5 by Leading critic Per Bjurman. Here´s my attempt to translate it:

    Mojave 3 - Out of tune (4AD/MNW) Country/Rock This is really not possible.

    Gloomy brits, with a background in goth-constellations as Slowdive, shall not be doing soft, warm, sincere country- and folkrock that makes the world think about a desillusioned Nick Drake, travelling through that part of America where Gram Parson´s hickory wind still blows through the fields.

    But Neil Halstead and the others in Mojave 3 has done it anyway. Confusing. But nonetheless less convincing.

    On this album, there are songs that makes me reconsider my list of the best albums of the year.

    Per Bjurman

  • Old news, and much too late (has changed my internetprovider, trerefore the delay, sorry ´bout that. ) Anyway. First up, the Cardiff gig with Bernard Butler was cancelled, also in Aberdeen where BB played (and Neil with him)but not m3. A concert by Mojave 3 and noone other has taken place on the 23rd of October in Edinburgh ( See also the concert page ). Second, on the GRL session , Mojave 3 played "All your tears" and "This road I´m travellin´" on the 12th. Thay also recorded a session for Xfm that day and songs from this session have been played there now and then. Third, the date in New York for the Beggars Banquet Night at CMJ, is, probably, the 7th of November, together with Six By Seven(current support act for the manic street preachers by the way) and the campfire girls.

    October 6th

  • Yesterday, Mojave 3´s second album was released throughout Europe. The first review I´ve gotten hold of is from NME:

    MOJAVE 3 - Out Of Tune (4 AD)

    OLD SHOEGAZERS NEVER DIE, THEY JUST GET progressively more down-at-heel. And so the scuffed-out career of Mojave 3 (ex-Slowdive, but don't hold that against them forever) is getting more interesting by the day.

    Because this, their second album, is quietly cool. Nine tastefully clipped tunes, less than 40 minutes altogether. A bit of strumming, some bleary, countrified licks and a facility for framing the saddest of times.

    Plainly, Mojave 3 know their Dylan and their Nick Drake - 'All Your Tears' and 'To Whom Should I Write' reek heavily of the latter - and, accordingly, 'Out Of Tune' is one thin-lipped, introverted and desperately blue album.

    The lap steels may swoon and the harmonies may be high and lonesome - evoking a 4am Nashville skyline - but their author Neil Halstead remains a morose English boy through and through. Highlight 'Caught Beneath Your Heel' catches him in a romantic bind, trying to restore some personal dignity as organs wheeze plenty and the hard questions stay unanswered.

    And when Rachel Goswell lends her voice to proceedings, the woozy, lovesick mood is only heightened. On 'Baby's Coming Home', she and Halstead bend and bewail like the indie answer to George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

    The recent single 'Some Kinda Angel' - an enthused homage to Dylan's 'Visions Of Johanna' - provides a momentary escape from the doleful business at hand, but in the main, 'Out Of Tune' is a beautifully downcast affair. With 3, of course, as the tragic number. 7/10

    Stuart Bailie

  • And also, from Christine here´s some info on the radiogigs. The GLR gig has been moved to Monday 12th OR Tuesday the 13th (probably Monday). Another radiopromottionshow is also scheduled for Xfm the same day, probably...But Helpfull Christine will come with more info on these gis so stay (not out of) tuned...

  • Spetember 28th

  • For all UK fans and all other fans who can listen to the London based radio channel GLR, Mojave 3 is playing a live gig there which will be broadcasted live and direct. When? October 6th at noon...

    September 20th

  • has put up the livedates for october, mostly of them , M3 is supporting Bernard Butlers tour. Check out the Live-section for more info.

    September 17th

  • Another review, this time not SO uplifting, from NME and Victoria Segal

    MOJAVE 3 - Some Kinda Angel (4AD)

    Kinda, hey, y'know, kinda, well, kinda... dull, is probably the word we're after, fine for brown corduroy fetishists who chew tobacco, but a step too far in the direction of earnest country rock for anyone else. This is the humourless big brother to Delakota's buoyant, bubble-gum card collecting fascination with the USofA, a song that aims for a romantically dusty Three Dog Night vibe and ends up merely dusty, more car-boot sale than road movie. It's got all there should be - brass and Hammond organ and references to moonshine - but unless you secretly dream of being friends with the characters in The Big Chill, you'll find yourself slowly slipping into sleep.

    Also, the single entered the indie chart in Britain at number 17.

    July 24th

  • Here´s a review from NME and Johnny Cigarettes, who´ve made it single of the week!

    MOJAVE 3 - Who Do You Love (4AD)

    The first in our series of 'Where are they now, so we can still tease them mercilessly and chase them down the street with sticks after all these years?' shoegazing revival reviews (see also Swervedriver) finds Neil Halstead and Rachel Gosling, once of Slowdive, involved in a quite shockingly fine record. The chief reason for this is that they've written songs rather than a series of 'soundscapes' with vague sentiments about drowning in the sky. 'Who Do You Love' is the kind of honest, heartfelt, laid-bare love song men are too scared or too cool to write these days, romantic without being sentimental, unafraid to be plain-spoken and emotional.

    It's like sonic cathedrals never happened - an acoustic guitar surrounded by lazy organ and a distant trumpet. And then, almost as good is 'This Road I'm Travelling' which is truly sublime, all country-inflected harmonies and hazy sunset acoustics like Nick Drake on holiday in New Mexico. OK, then, we forgive you. Just this once.

    July 16th

    Through Erik Soederstroms mailinglist i got this, a review of the Water Rats gig from New Musical Express:
    New Musical Express (UK) 15.07.98 p36 (Reviewed by April Long) MOJAVE 3 live review - LONDON King's Cross Water Rats

    For Mojave 3's Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell, sonic experimentation is nothing new. Their first incarnation as Slowdive saw them dabbling with hazy atmospherics before venturing, less successfully, into ambient electronica. Now, with new single 'Who Do You Love', they turn up a more traditional card with floaty multi-layered harmonies and somnolent strummings.

    Although vaguely reminiscent of the footware-ogling days of yore, the emphasis has shifted from feedback to emotionally-charged, pastoral semi-acoustics.

    To contribute a melancholic country-tinged twang to the proceedings, they've even recuited steel pedal guitarist BJ Cole, who ambles in halfway through the lovely 'Baby's Coming Home'. As it ends, Halstead spots Bernard Butler in the front row and smiles. Welcome to Mojave 3. Not so much shoe-gazing as star- gazing.

    July 15th

  • 4AD has updated their news section with lots of interesting facts about M3!! The new Single, Some Kinda Angel, which absolutely should be a world-wide hit in my opinion, is available as a rafile. Not only a tiny part of it , but the whole song! Go to 4ad to read about the stuff there, and listen to the song, or just click here To listen to the song without reading about mojave 3.
  • Also, on Lam´s page there´s some notice on the water rats gig, which seemed to be the same setlist as in Austin , Texas. BJ COLE played on the two songs at the end, Give what you take and Baby´s coming home.

    July 5th

  • M3 has played the Water rats July the 1st. Reports on that event is not available at this moment.
  • In swedish eveningpaper Aftonbladet this friday there was a notice about the Who do you love e.p. which was said to be delicate...

    June 7th

  • Sorry for the delay in the news reports, I´ve had a lot of things to do lately...jobrelated stuff some distance from where I live now, this can also cause a bit of delay until september unfortunately, but keep checking back.
  • The release date for the Who do you love e.p. has been changed to the 29th in Britain, but unconfirmed sources (Boxman) says the e.p. will be out the 22nd in Sweden. There´s a bit on info on 4ad´s site on this. We are also informed that Neil Haltead is playing rhythm guitar on Bernard Butlers current summer tour...Very nice.
  • Apart from that you´ve problably noticed that the MP3files are gone.
  • The tracks on the promotion CD(with no artwork, CAD8018CD) out in england are these: Who Do You Love - Give What You Take - Some Kinda Angel - All Your Tears - Yer Feet - Caught Beneath Your Heel - Keep It All Hid - Baby's Coming Home - To Whom Should I Write

    May 12th

  • Review on the song + lyrics? Press HERE.
  • Thanks Eric Soederstrom for this info, and for the great mailinglist (even if it contains a lot of garbage...), look for it on the links page. Thanks also to Rich Holzman from 4AD who´s given me much info, and allowed me to put these links here.

    May 4th

  • Oopps, the song from yesterday was NOT by Mojave 3 but from the sequel of the group This mortal coil, called the hopeful blister. The song´s anyway brilliant, and if you manage, download it before i get The REAL new song from MOJAVE 3 and noone else, and it´s some kinda angel you´re gonna hear here soon, which I will get from Rich Holzman from 4AD, who´s promised to send me this one instead.....sorry about it, you know, there´s a lot of confusion going on everywhere...:o)

    May 3rd

  • MP3file of the actual song little bit unsure on that point, bur I think it´s called "sweet untitled", there´s lyrics and there´s tabs, can you demand more?? Everything´s here!

  • Earlier....It seems like there´s a lot going on in the camp of the Mojave3 people...

  • They have recently played some gigs, probably to promote their new album and ep. The e.p which will be a limited release, is out on june 28th and contains three new songs, and a deom version on the main track. The album will be out on the 7th of september, and all processess in the recording is said to be finished. Apart from this info and the on on the discography site, there´s been reports about seven new songs called; To whom should I write (Also included on the 4ad compilation ANAKIN), Trying to reach you (included in the movie "nowhere"), Caught beneath your heel, All your tears, Some kinda angel, give what you take and Baby´s coming home. The new songs are said to be more optimistic and countrysounding apart from containing nasty words from Neils pen. Rachel, who by the way is said to be married (Good luck!), has not been lead singning on the concerts and is nowadays doing the bass thing. One concert, from Austin in Texas is available on the net at Rolling Stone