Updated January 18th 2000
The latest news is: 1. Mojave 3 is going on tour according to 4ADīs site, but thereīs no info about it. Strange. Second, I will be changing the site in a short while to the better I hope. Keep checking back. Thereīs unfortunately no info about what M3 are up to apart from taht Live-rumour, so Thatīs why this site is not updated more frequently. Please notify me if thereīs something you want me to put up, and Iīll do my best.
Welcome to this, unofficial,unobjective site about Mojave 3. All information on this page has been found on various sites on the web and contibutions by private persons with knowledge about the band and their work. All correspondance is through me though. Hope you enjoy this site and feel free to send comments and contributions. Welcome back!

Special Thanks to Christine and everyone at 4AD.

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