Go Lady go
{Note:Capo on 1st fret}

Thereīs a [D]light shining down on [A]you girl
and I can [D]see that you need something [A]new
Well you [D]know
That nothing really [A]holds us
And you [D]need someplace else to[A] go

I said [D]Go, Lady, Just [A]Go
Cause I donīt [D]want you
walking round the [A]wall
Yeah thereīs a [G]light [D]shining down on [A]you
and I donīt [D]mind
to help you out the [A]door

If you [D]need a little under[A]standing
Donīt [D]look out your window itīs not [A]there
You must [D]find it
It wonīt grab you, it wonīt [A]need you
And you [D]know
You got something you must [A]prove

I said Go...

Lyrics & Chords transcribed by Henrik, correct me if Iīm wrong
Đ 4AD, Written by Halstead/ McCucheon/ Rowe/ Forrester