Re: a generic letter to help out Mojave 3 & slowdive

To whom it may concern

Hello, there...my name is forest a filmmaker, i know...anyway I am
trying to get the word out to the mojave 3/slowdive fans.I’m looking for
some support ie: links, mail outs, newsletters, etc.etc..

Support for what you ask? Well there, mojave 3 and Slowdive have done
orginal music for two of my older films, and we (mojave 3 and myself)
are selling them over the internet, at very low prices. We are trying to
get enough cash together to do a new film in the next year, but first we
need to sell a few! We need to get the word out there to the fans of
Mojave 3 &  Slowdive, who love their music and support their art.

We would much appreciate anything you can do to get the awareness out
getting some links for blackmonkeysuit, mass e-mailing, whatever.. If
you or anyone else would like the support the arts, help out, e-mail and
tell me what or how this could be.

Check out our t-shirt line; www.hussyjr.com
we will be selling "mojave 3" shirts in the next year so keep a look

If any of you know of some web master out there who wants to contribute
to our global awareness of what is, send them our way. We could use the
help and support.

Thanx allot & I hope to hear from you soon,

Forest Wise

I am attaching a general press release and flyer…if you could pass this
along it would be more than appreciated.


Who's a whore?


* steve buscemi: cool ass actor/ fargo, Armageddon)
* slowdive/mojave 3:(some of the best english pop bands ever?)
* rebecca lord:(pornstar+ others)
* corin nemic:( actor: parker lewis can't lose, drop zone)
* zoe nathenson:( actress: mona lisa, the raggedy rawney)
* mike dytri:( west hollywood gay poster boy & actor: "the living end")
* j.c. brandy:( actress: star trek :next generation, halloween 5)

 (the lost feature films found!)

The independent films that have rarely been seen, but most definitely
sought after.
After numerous requests we decided to sell them exclusively over the
internet. For the moment

ORDER  NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

 * extremely low prices, why? Because we can!

   Own       part         of  the        future        today.

"I'm the Elephant, U are the Mouse": (slowdive/mojave 3)

"Life is Nice®"; (steve buscemi, &  crazy pop music)

"hussy:life is nice 2000®": (rebecca lord, tina cherri:) pornstars!

If you are into culture (pop &…….like films that have a soul, dig music,
are a cinephile (not pedophile), have a mind, no what's up…you can't
afford to miss out on this one.